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Innovative technology

The ZONTES models are equipped with a lot of technology and electronics so that you as a driver can enjoy an extremely futuristic driving style!

New for this: a digital dashboard with a large TFT screen and keyless starting system, as well as a USB dual port are just part of the standard equipment.

Comfort and safety – ZONTES – makes no compromise despite the extremely competitive price.

Commitment to sustainable mobility – ZONTES produces vehicles with small and medium displacement taking into account the latest environmental standards in order to reduce polluting emissions worldwide.

The pleasure of riding a motorcycle

All ZONTES know-how is actively used to provide an incomparable driving experience. For example, the expertise of the brand at chassis level is noticeable already after a few meters of driving. The efficiency of the suspension and the rigidity of the chassis together ensure perfect storage and optimum safety. You will appreciate the generous character of ZONTES engines even more.

The modern and reliable engines that power the entire range combine nervousness with sobriety.
Another achievement from ZONTES!

A state of the art production

ZONTES MOTORCYCLES, is a powerful industrial group founded in 2003. For example, ZONTES specializes in the production of motor vehicles and has advanced industrial equipment. A fully robotised production line, low pressure alloy casting, die casting and multi-axis welding are just some of the house specialties.

Every motorcycle enjoys the enormous know-how that ZONTES has yielded countless “science and innovation” awards as well as the filing of numerous patent applications.